What Venture Investors Need to Know about Online Gaming Space.

Seemingly ubiquitous, the impact that PCs, consoles, and cell games are having on societies around the sector is plain. For parents under the age of forty, gaming is not just a amusing manner to skip the time, it’s turning into an increasingly more important a part of everyday lifestyles. From enjoyment to e-learning to socialising […]

3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Food-Growing Industry

It’s going on proper earlier than our eyes — robots have submitted their resumes and are taking over human jobs. Robotics is actually the exchange that we are able to neither deny nor refuse, the very next component in generation. The impact of this “subsequent level” isn’t always constrained to any enterprise. Apart from the […]

A Crypto Conversation with Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath

Questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain are some of the maximum not unusual questions I get requested. So, with a purpose to broaden my understanding of the market, I were given in contact with Trevor Koverko, the CEO and co-founding father of Polymath. I’ve been working to examine extra about the numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs in […]

Blueprint for Innovation: What it takes to Build a Culture of Positive Change at Growth-stage Companie

Most of the organizations taken into consideration to be the most a hit today together with Amazon, Apple and Google scouse borrow the spotlight with regards to innovation. In truth, some believe innovation is reserved for these generation giants. But many growth level groups find themselves in a unique position to harness innovation as nicely. […]

4 Ways Businesses and Consumers Can Take Back Their Data in 2019

“There’s infrequently per week that is going through in recent times in which we aren’t faced approximately any other facts breach or critical data loss which affects tens of millions of people,” says Joseph Hopkins, COO of Crown Sterling, in an interview for the new book I’m co-authoring on rising era (21 Ways Life Will […]

VR is Incredibly Empowering for Working Women.

Virtual fact (VR) is converting the way we view the arena and every different, literally. Already, the innovation has made improvements in the course of numerous industries — amusement, enterprise, healthcare, and so forth. — reimagining the manner we talk, learn and paintings. Still, critics counter that its software program and programming foster sexism and […]